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This website is designed to give you an idea of what we are about, the events that we hold, and to offer some information about watercolour painting techniques. Also to showcase members' work, and if you wish to be represented on this site, please send image(s) through by email to: rnoturner7@gmail.com

PAC/PWS Exhibition

There is a joint art exhibition from the 1st April to the 4th April, at Ford Park Cemetery.

Admission free.

Follow this link to see a tour..... Virtual Tour

Monthly tutorials

The PWS holds monthly sessions...

The next one is on the 9th March 2022 at Ashtorre Rock centre, Saltash, from 1015 to 1530.

The tutor is - Wendy Parkyn, a respected local artist, and who gives very well presented tutorials.

She is going over the use of acrylics, and watercolour in painting the (same) scene.

Thinking of trying watercolour painting out?

The PWS has made available some watercolour painting materials at a group that meets on Thursday evenings, from 7pm to 9pm. Cost 3 per session. This is the Trinity Art Group, meeting at Trinity United Reform Church in Hartley. See links below for more information.

There is also some information for beginners - see 'Techniques' on this website.

There is now an afternoon meeting - on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

This takes place at the Plymouth Proprietary Library, which is just North of Victoria Park.

Members of the library go free, of the PWS 2:50, others 3:50. There would be basic tuition and materials for beginners.

The Society has a group page on Facebook, and the following link goes to the Plymouth Watercolour Society page....

Plymouth Watercolour Society

The Society also takes part in a group page on Facebook where it is hoped that this will show activities of interest to watercolour painters....

Plymouth Watercolour Community